Melbourne International Comedy Festival

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival will celebrate its 28th year in 2014 and is one of the three largest comedy festivals in the world, alongside Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival.  This event was originally launched by our very own Barry Humphries, along with Peter Cook. This event has grown to be Australia’s largest cultural event and sells more tickets than any other festival in Australia. Drawing large crowds it is an event that is at a very affordable price.

Held in various places around Melbourne each year, the festival is held for around a month, late March to late April.

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is a popular event that draws crowds from around Australia and beyond to converge onto Melbourne March each year.

You can find full details here or you can check out the roadshow that travels around Australia here.

Spring Festival in the Dandenongs

If you’re in Melbourne during September – November, then the Spring Festival is a must!

There’s something on every weekend and often during the week too.  So far my husband and I have visited Cloudehill in Olinda, The Tulip Festival at Tesselaar’s in Sylvan and I’ve also been to the Alfred Nicholas Gardens and the open gardens at the Ferny Creek Horticultural Society. And September hasn’t finished yet!  Looking forward to seeing more.


Melbourne Autumns

Autumn in Melbourne is spectacular.  At this time of year the nights are starting to get a lot colder but some days are still beautiful – yesterday was!  And if you take a drive in the hills you’ll be met with the most beautiful views of Autumn colours.

Here in Selby we have our own display in our garden but I love to drive up the country roads and periodically stop to get out of my car and take a photo – my camera is always with me.

These photos are just a small sample of what our garden looks like now. This is in the area we call ‘The Park’.

And this is a driveway of a place I drive by whenever going to visit our eldest daughter – I couldn’t resist stopping to take photos.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

Looking for something different to do in Melbourne?

You don’t have to be a visitor to be wanting to do something different in Melbourne. You may even be a resident, or someone who is here fairly regularly for business or other purposes.

Recently I learnt about which lists a number of things you can do in Melbourne. Some of them look pretty radical to me and I think I’m happy to do something more tame.  But for the more adventurous it may be just what they’re looking for.

I would be keen to do the Hot Air Balloon or the helicopter scenic flight. Haven’t been on either of those yet and as a keen photographer I know I’d get some awesome shots!

Note, too, that you can purchase gift vouchers, so if you’re looking for something different to give, that might be worth exploring too.

If you’ve been on one of these adventures, why not share about it on the comments section here so others can read about it?

Life in the Dandenongs

Well, my husband and I have been living in the Dandenongs now for just over 3 months.  This is such a pretty part of Victoria, around 40kms south east of the city.

My absence has purely been because of our packing/shifting/unpacking and getting used to new surroundings. I have been taking tons of photos and plan to share more on our lovely city with you soon.

Let a stranger in the house? No thanks AGL!

Just had a guy who said he was from AGL and showed me a badge. He wanted to replace my globes for free energy saving ones – I had heard there is such a promotion. But who’s going to let a stranger in the house to replace their globes for them? I’d have to spend time watching and waiting.  I told him he could leave the globes but he said he’s supposed to take the old ones away with him.  I told him ‘no’, I didn’t want him in my house.

bulgbI sent a message to a forum I run and immediately had others come back with information. One said it was a scam, a couple of others said they’d had men coming to their doors too but they turned them away.  One in another state said her electricity company wrote to them to advise this was going to take place.

I elected to ring AGL and query them whether they had someone coming around the streets of where I live and if not, I would call the police.

I couldn’t believe the response of their call operator.  She said they do have staff coming out to do this and they carry ID badges.  I told her he did flash one but I didn’t see it much and didn’t feel comfortable about letting a stranger in my house – especially since we had not been previously notified. She just said it was my perogative and I didn’t have to have him in. She showed no concern whatsoever about my need for confirmation or safety in the home.

Is this a reflection of the company itself? I hope not.  Given that it’s easy to create fake badges and flash one in front of people that was not sufficient evidence to me.  At least the company could have sent us a letter advising this was going to take place and when.

Teaching people to be dishonest

There’s a fast food advertisement being played on TV at the moment where a young man buys two meals at a really cheap price and then when he sets the meals down in front of his mate his mate tells him he only has $5.00. The first young man responds ‘that will have to do’ and pockets the money.

This advert is very poor – it’s teaching young people (and those others easily led astray) that it is ok to be dishonest and rip off people, including your mate.

I consider this to be very poor advertising and in bad taste – pardon the pun!

If you’re an RSS reader..

my apologies if the photos and the commentary didn’t line up!  I’ve just been looking at this blog in my Google Reader and it’s interpreted the photos in rows of 4 and not 3 so the captions I’ve written will be out of alignment.  But if you count 3 across from the left at the top and then in groups of 3 thereafter the captions will make sense.

The faces of Melbourne

I went into the city Friday afternoon and just randomly shot photos around our lovely city.  I wanted to share them with you here.

Above from the top row:L-R:

A man and his dog.  You often see people sitting around the city.

Two horses posing for their photo.  We have many horse drawn carriages for visitors to our city.

Another pair getting ready to turn at an intersection

Row Two: L – R

As with any major city we are a multi-cultural place now and sometimes you could wonder where you are exactly.

Our famous Flinders Street Station taken from my car whilst waiting at the lights.

A couple more horses with a carriage.

Third row: L-R

Banners for the forthcoming Moomba Fest which starts 6th March. I’ll be there to take more pics too!

A street artist in profile.

One of our many street cafes which are very popular these days.

Fourth row: L-R

There’s those two horses again – I wonder what the one on the right is saying to the other one?

The Red Circle Tram gives free rides around the circumference of the CBD area.

Peering in the Telstra Exhibition Street buildings – this pair stand there on permanent display.

All images are available at much higher resolution on request.

Horse Parade at Oaklands Junction

I went down to Oaklands Junction today to watch the horses being paraded before potential buyers before the Premier Yearling sales open on Sunday 1st March.  Christine (daughter) invited me as she knows how much her mum loves using her camera!  So I thought I’d share some of the photos here with you.  Only some because I took well over 200 and I don’t want to bore you with them all, so this is just a sampling.

From L-R Top row:

Horse being shown to a buyer

Putting it back into the stall

Being led out for a parade

Second row L-R:

My daughter is in the next two, leading horses

A guy having a challenge guiding a horse to where it doesn’t want to go