Summer is on its way….

and that means the snakes are beginning to emerge. My husband and I were out walking at a local park just recently and saw this snake lazily sunning itself beside the path we were walking on. In fact, we were focused on watching the kangaroos a bit further away and almost didn’t notice the snake only a few feet from where we were walking. Not sure what type it is, possibly a red belly. Didn’t get too close and thankful for a telephoto lens.

Season's first snake

Spring is in the air!

It may still be August but Spring is definitely showing up around Melbourne.  In the hills east of Melbourne the Tulip Festival is held each Spring by Tesselaars. For those who are gardeners in Australia, the name will be very familiar, as you can purchase all sorts of bulbs and other plants from them all year round.

I first went to the Tulip Festival about 2 years ago with a somewhat pregnant daughter.  I loved it and went back again last year, twice, so I could have some time on my own with my camera in tow.

A friend recently gave my husband and me Tulips in a pot – they were in flower already.  A picture of one of them is below, bathed in early morning sunlight on our front verandah. We have tulips planted but they haven’t flowered yet. The daffodils are out though, as are the jonquils.

Red tulip in sunlight

Autumn in Melbourne

This is my favourite time of year. Still some warm days, but cooler nights, the leaves are turning colour and everything looks lovely. We have green, yellow, gold, orange, red, brown and many other variations in between.