With New Eyes

Today I had to catch the train into town (Melbourne) to meet with a new client. I’d already prepared my papers and hadn’t taken anything with me to read on the train, so looked out the windows instead. As we drew in closer to the city I began to take notice of the different buildings, the age of them, the architecture, and the newer ones of how much glass there is, in fact no brickwork in sight, although a bit of cement here and there. Why was I looking at my home city this way?

Because I’d just come back home from being a tourist and it made me see Melbourne in a totally different way. I walked through the streets to my meeting and saw tourists taking photos of Flinders Street Station, which is quite a colourful building. I watched others walk along with their telltale bumbags slung to the front – a dead giveaway that they’re a tourist. And many of them were dressed in shorts and t-shirts, with thongs or sandals on their feet – a colourful mix amongst the popular business colour of black moving in the streets. I’m back home again! KMT

Much About Melbourne

So, why this blog? I saw someone doing the same for their city and I thought ‘what a great idea!’. so, here it is.

Graham and I shifted our family of 5 daughters to Melbourne from a country town in South Australia December 1991. He’d had a transfer in his job and I had managed to get a govt position in Melbourne too. We’d just gotten married 3 weeks earlier – our families were combined and so life in Melbourne was the start of a brand new journey for all 7 of us. I plan to share with you some of the things we love about Melbourne and some of the things that drive us crazy. For all those though, this is our home and we do love it.

Shifting to Melbourne

When we shifted to Melbourne our 5 daughters were under the age of 12 so that meant all of them were going to the same school. We not only had to find a suitable house for a family of 7 but also a school where we knew all 5 of the girls would be happy.

Graham and I were married in December 1991 and he went straight back to Melbourne for work so I flew over a couple of days later to spend the rest of the week there house-hunting and interviewing Principals at schools so we could find the right place. Graham and I poured over newspapers daily and planned the strategy for searching each day before he went off to work. We had a hired car so I would drop him off and then go exploring for the day. By the second last day I had found both a house and a school in Beaumaris, which is the southeast of Melbourne and very close to the beach.

Throughout 1992 we took the kids on trips on weekends and holidays to see the Melbourne Zoo, the Botanical Gardens, go to the beach, go up to the Dandenong Mountains and visit the different tourist places there and just generally explore this beautiful state of Victoria.

Life got busy in 1993 and by 1994 I had begun my business. The girls were starting to get older and not always wanting to come on family trips with us but Graham and I have spent time exploring areas when he’s been mountain bike riding or when we’ve had weekends away.

I plan to use this blog to show you some of the things in Melbourne we’ve experienced and enjoyed.