Overian Cancer Awareness

February is the month for Ovarian Cancer Awareness.

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

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Each year in Australia Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month is held in February to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and to recognise women, their families and friends affected by ovarian cancer.

Throughout the month Ovarian Cancer Australia will be hosting a range of activities and events to raise awareness and funds for our support, awareness and research programs and we would love you to get involved!

Below is a list of events being held during February and ways you can get involved.

Brazilian Butterfly Queen of the Lake
Girls Only (GO) Festival
K.I.S.S. on Valentine’s Day
Ovarian Cancer Australia Afternoon Teal
Teal Ribbon Day

From: Friday 1st of February 2013  To  Thursday 28th of February 2013

AFL Grand Final today

The whole city is gripped with Australian Football League  (AFL) Grand Final fever it would seem. I cannot confess to being a footy fan myself. I was as a kid in South Australia but since shifting to Melbourne over 20 years ago I really lost the passion for it. My home team wasn’t there and there were so many other things to enjoy in life. But I can’t deny the festivity in the city and the state and what it must mean in the way of tourist $$ for the city of Melbourne with people converging from all over the country to watch their favourite team play. This year it’s the Sydney Swans vs Hawthorn (Sydney – Melbourne teams).

The Grand Final is usually held on the last Saturday in September but occasionally the first Saturday in October. Today’s weather forecast is not looking very good but their stadium will be filled to capacity and beyond. Today people all over our country hold bbqs at home with eyes fixed on the TV screens and people dressed in their colours.

I don’t have any photos I’ve taken personally from a football match to share with you here but it would be most remiss of me not to mention something that brings Melbourne alive year after year (not that it ever goes to sleep).

N.B. Here’s a shot taken near the start of the game today courtesy of the live action site.

Tulip Festival 2012

Tesselaar 2012 Tulip FestivalThe Tesselaar Tulip Festival is held every year from mid September to mid October. This year it’s 13 September to 9 October. I’ve been once already but might go again. Mondays are ‘Mad Mondays’ and almost half price and as I’m only really there for the photography I usually only stay an hour, or two at most, to get shots before there’s a big crowd of people and head back home.  People dress up for it, each day of the week has something special on, as do the weekends, focusing on different cultural groups and their music.  I chose to go on a day that had nice weather and so the sun, blue sky and clouds added to the images that I took. Quite a few.

The Tesselaar Tulip Festival is at 357-359 Monbulk Road, Silvan, easy to get to by car or you can travel by train to Lilydale and then catch a bus to the festival in Silvan.

Below are just a few of the images I took while at the festival. You can see more here.

Tesselaar 2012 Tulip Festival

Tesselaar 2012 Tulip Festival

Tesselaar 2012 Tulip Festival

Tesselaar 2012 Tulip Festival


Royal Melbourne Show

The Royal Melbourne Show marks the September School holidays and the last school holidays before the Christmas Break. I always have enjoyed going but don’t go every year.  Always so much to do at it. I like to go to see the animals, action and activities, rather than go on rides these days. Of course, the showbags are always of interest, particularly the Cadbury’s one 🙂  The show is open every day at 9.30am and from 22 September, through to 2nd October.  The show is held at Melbourne Showgrounds, Epsom Road, Ascot Vale.

Below are some shots I took a couple of years ago.




Melbourne – Most liveable city

Well, it’s official. According to the Tabloids.  Of course I could have told anyone that, same as just about anyone in Melbourne. 🙂  Biased? I have lived elsewhere in the past and definitely consider that Melbourne has everything to make life liveable.  My husband and I have been here for over 20 years now and we love the culture, the lifestyle, the things that are available to us here that weren’t in our previous home state and we believe our girls had more opportunities for them as they grew up here.  But don’t let me be the only one to tell you. Read any of the articles linked below.

Melbourne skyline;

Melbourne Most Liveable City – The Australian

Wikipedia Most Liveable Cities

Melbourne Most Liveable City – The News

Update on this site

My apologies for being absent for many months. December 2011 I badly broke my leg, while out on a bush walk hunting for powerful owls (never did see them) and ended up in hospital. It was a good 4 months after that before I was able to walk unaided and still a couple of months after that before I was ready to go out on walks again with my camera. By then a very wet winter had arrived and I was reluctant to get out and about on my own on slippery wet ground (which is what was the cause of my original fall).  So I just let things wait.

I’m happy to report I’m back out and about again, that as spring begins, I’ll be up to reporting on the things that Melbourne has to offer its residents and guests.

Royal Melbourne Show

If you haven’t been yet, you better get in quick. It closes Tuesday 4th October. Doesn’t seem to go as long as I remember as I thought it was on till the school holidays finished.

I didn’t go this year but have been in the past and use it mainly as a photo opportunity these days. Although once my grandson has grown a little more I daresay we’ll go with him and his parents to the show – that will be fun.

You can find out full details about the Royal Melbourne Show here.

Pictures from the 2009 Show.




Spring is in the air! II

I’m not a footy fan at all but it would be very remiss of me not to mention the footy (Australian Rules) at this time of the year because, after all, the Grand Final is just around the corner.  Beware those who plan weddings and other events when the grand final is on! It’s been known to happen 🙂

Whether or not you follow the footy (and it seems to be a religion here in Melbourne) almost everyone wants to know who the winner is and you can often catch my husband and I watching the last quarter on TV if we’re not out doing something else.  Kind of depends on the weather.

I have no idea who might be playing in the finals, perhaps someone can enlighten me in a comment below. And I know that it is usually the last weekend in September but sometimes the first weekend in October.  Seems 1st October is it this year, one of our daughters has a wedding anniversary that day.

If you’re visiting Melbourne during that time and want to book tickets, you might get lucky by visiting this site.

The Right Choice – Melbourne Uni

Our students explain what they like most about Melbourne University.

Students talk about the unique Melbourne experience; the campus, the facilities and the Melbourne Model. For more videos and everything you need to know about Change of Preference visit our web site: www.unimelb.edu.au

Ducks on the highway

You  just never know what’s going to happen in Melbourne.

To hit the news on the radio this morning was a family of ducks walking along the Monash Freeway holding up the traffic.  They were waddling down the emergency lane and a VicRoads van was quick to be guarding them from harm until Wildlife Victoria could come and rescue them.