Beyond Blue March 26 July 2014

Beyond Blue is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness about depression and anxiety.

On 26 July in Melbourne, they will be running a number of fundraising and awareness-raising activities on the night.

One of the main ones will be the BeyondBlue March for Mental Health, from Federation Square, along Birrarung Marr to the MCG.

There will be entertainment at Fed Square, including singers and a fun footy and mental health panel, and, on the big screen you will be able to watch some beyondblue and Channel 7 real life stories before heading to the blockbuster AFL beyondblue Cup that night.

This is a free event and will be on from 5pm to 7pm. Full details can be found here.

Docklands Winter Fireworks

Photo by Neil Creek at Melbourne Docklands Winter Fireworks

Photo by Neil Creek with Melbourne Docklands Winter Fireworks in background

Throughout July and August at Melbourne Docklands there will be free fireworks for all to see. The fireworks begin at 7pm and last for around 10 mins.  There is also music and fun provided – for what would be a whole family event.

The program includes:
4 July – First Friday Dance Club (Go-go dancing) and the Lollipop Ladies
11 July – ‘200 Torches’ and Lolka
18 July – African Drumming, The Thankful Tree, Back Story
25 July – Projector Bike, EL Suits
1 August – First Friday Dance Club (Bollywood) and The Clouds
8 August – ‘200 Torches’ and Lolka
15 August – Story telling with Niki na Meadhra and Pirates
22 August – Projector Bike and African Drumming
29 August – Little Wings Puppets, The Thankful Tree, The Clouds

You can learn more about this event here.

Diamond Valley Miniature Railway

A great place to take children for a Sunday treat is the Diamond Valley Miniature Railway, which is open every Sunday from 11am to 5pm. Found at Eltham Lower Park. Cost is $3 per person for a ride but to walk around and view there is no charge. Be aware that parking can fill up on the left very quickly on popular days, such as the Teddy Bear’s Picnic but you should be able to find parking if you head off to the right of the oval there.

This place is run entirely by volunteers who are passionate about their model trains and they have built an extensive railway, complete with a bridge, several tracks, a picnic grounds, signal box rooms and a very large and impressive workshop. Definitely with the visit!


Presented by Fed Square and Polyglot Theatre

Giant ants will be invading Federation Square from 8-14 July and they will be recruiting children as helpers in their colony. Ants, an interactive performance created by Polyglot Theatre, will see human sized ants take over Fed Square in a large-scale treasure hunt.

Patrolling the pavements in search for food for the winter, the colossal creepy-crawlies will invite children to help them seek out huge paper breadcrumbs hiding in corners, under stairs, beneath benches and in trees throughout all over Federation Square.

Children will swarm across the space, working together to collect the big paper parcels and bring them back to the nest, arranging and playing with them in an unending cycle of industrious activity.

A mixture of roving performance and interaction with children and their adults, Ants is a play space with a difference. While the ants are solidly intent upon the collection of food, their single-minded purpose is addictive and children join in the toil, transforming a labour into a game. The interactive performance is inspired by the delight children take in transforming routine into fun and adventure at every opportunity.

ABOUT POLYGLOT:  For over 30 years, Polyglot has been recognized one of Australia’s leading children’s theatre companies, and in recent years the company has been in demand internationally, playing to over 60, 000 children annually on four continents.  Placing kids at the heart of their art, Polyglot creates interactive experiences that ignite imaginations everywhere from tiny Australian country towns to the world’s leading centres for the arts.


Performance: Ants – Presented by Fed Square
Venue: Federation Square
Date: 8 – 14 July
Session times: 10am, 11am, 12noon, 2pm, 3pm & 4pm daily Duration: 30 mins per session
Tickets: FREE
Bookings: Not necessary
Ages: Recommended for 3-­?12 years (all children must be accompanied by an adult)
Fed Square:  03 9655 1900

Moomba Festival 2013

Did you go on the weekend?  I attended on the Monday, viewing some of the water skiing tricks, wandering along the sideshows and watching the Moomba Parade.  What a colourful and joyful event that was. So many people watching. All were peaceful, enjoying the atmosphere and it was lovely to see and experience.

Moomba covered a number of items under the theme “Melbourne is Creative”: Royalty, Circus, Literature, Dance, Music, Art, Film, Media, Theatre and The City and its People. I’ve always loved Melbourne and its diverse cultures and this certainly gave a snapshot of it all.

Moomba Parade

Moomba Parade

Moomba Parade

Moomba parade!

Wacky Librarian

Kings and Queens of Moomba

Moomba sign

Our new events calendar

Have you seen the new events calendar on this site?  As we get events sent to us these are added to our calendar and the list is on the right-hand menu.

So events this month so far relate to Moomba Fest, Greenpeace boat arrival at Port Phillip and the Amazing Photography Race.

If you have an event on this month why not send us the details?

Dirty Dozen Bike Ride

Do you enjoy hill climbing and road rides?

Today (February 17th) we noticed a lot of cyclists pass by our house, in dribs and drabs.  Some went sailing by only to return later to go down one of the streets opposite our home. Others took the first street on their left, some the second. I’m sure many must have come past again before discovering they’d taken a wrong turn and should have gone down the second street on their left.

After seeing many stop and consult a piece of paper (presumably a map) and then a car with a cyclist in garb stopping to consult and talk to others, my curiosity got the better of me and I went outside to see what was going on.  My husband is a keen cyclist (mountain biker) so of course, both our interests were piqued.

Anyway, turns out it’s the Dirty Dozen Bike Ride and they have to do twelve hill climbs on each of these rides. Strike that, it’s actually 13 climbs once I read the information. Now, it is a hot day today, so personally I think they’re mad to be doing it in the middle of the day, but it’s now almost 3pm and I haven’t seen any in the past hour, so they must be finished now.

If you’d like to join in their mad fun and learn more, then why not visit their site?  Oh, and if you’re going to venture in Belgrave or Selby again, why not let me know? I’ll look out for you and perhaps even take a pic!

Selby Sunset

If you live in Melbourne, or see Melbourne news. you’ll be aware of the bush fires we’ve been having here and the very dry season. Very grateful for the 5mm of rain that dropped this morning here, and I hope other areas were as fortunate as well.

Last night we had the most amazing sunset, with a very red sun. I’m told it’s because of the smoke haze but smoke isn’t red, so not sure how that works. But I’m no scientist so I’ll accept what I’ve been told, in this instance. Thought I’d share some of the photos I took over the top of a neighbour’s house last night.

Sunset in Selby

Sunset in Selby

Sunset in Selby

Japanese Summer Festival 2013

Last Sunday I experienced my first Japanese Summer Festival with a number of other photographers and it was a wonderful afternoon with the most perfect weather. Totally enjoyed the event. Found out about it via the Melbourne Street Photographers Meetup group.  So glad I went. Here are some pics from the day.
Shamisen Performance
Ninja Performance
Kimonos on display
George performing
Nearing the end

You can see more photos here.  Think I’ll be going back for this one next year!

Valentine’s Day in Melbourne

If you are still looking for somewhere to go on Valentine’s Day in Melbourne, the link below lists a few places that may still be available.

It’s late Summer here in Melbourne, Australia and hopefully that means it will be a lovely Summer’s evening for all to wander the city or the beaches and enjoy the warm air and weather.

Valentine’s Day in Melbourne