The Park and the Flood

The heavy rains early February brought with it floods in many parts of Victoria.  Many parks were affected, particularly in the eastern parts of Melbourne and in the hills.  Currently Lysterfield Lake Park, Churchill Park, Birdsland Reserve and Cardinia Reservoir have closed their walking trails and mountain biking tracks.  Only the picnic areas at Lysterfield and Cardina are open. The rest remains closed until insurance assessors can review the tracks and repairs can be effected by Parks Victoria and volunteers.

So what makes people think that all the bunting and signs put up do not apply to them?   Already many people have had to be rescued by the CFA at Lysterfield because the fire tracks are not currently accessible by ambulances.  There have been injuries and many people fined for walking or riding through Lysterfield Lake Park alone.

I was at the park today, taking photos of the lake, the lost beach, boats, etc and saw people walking across the weir. I thought perhaps it must be open so went to the start of that track myself. No, there is bunting there and a sign clearly indicating the tracks are closed. And yet, there were two people of a quite mature age walking at the other end and up the hill. I wonder how far they got before they were stopped by the Parks Vic rangers, or fell into difficulty themselves?  A young man came up to me while I was taking the shots below and asked about the track being closed. He had an accent so perhaps he can’t read English but I explained the tracks are indeed closed and if he goes, he may get fined, or even injured on a track. He went away again.

The two people I saw walking up the track – I later saw them heading up the hill, instead of turning back.

This shows how high the water did get after the flooding rains.

I’ve never seen water in the slipway before.

The beach is covered by water or washed away, and the path along the front of the lake is under water in many places as you can see below.

Take a Ride on the Puffing Billy

If you’re looking for something special just outside of the city of Melbourne, why not come to the Dandenongs and go for a ride on the Puffing Billy.  Probably Australia’s most famous steam train ride, the train leaves from Belgrave and travels through many of the small towns in the Dandenong Ranges.  A great ride, fantastic scenery and lots of fun.  I love that we now live near where this train travels daily and love hearing the whistle blow throughout the day.

Crossing the famous trestlebridge

Return trip on the trestle bridge

Autumn in Melbourne

This is my favourite time of year. Still some warm days, but cooler nights, the leaves are turning colour and everything looks lovely. We have green, yellow, gold, orange, red, brown and many other variations in between.

Kallista Tea Rooms

Now we live in the Dandenongs we decided to go to the Kallista Tea Rooms for Sunday morning breakfast.  Something we’d promised ourselves before we even shifted. It only took us 6 weeks to go.

We were disappointed that even with a booking they didn’t have a table for us when we got there and they had to rearrange other customers to fit us in. This was partly because the MG Car Club had increased their booking just that morning and the windows where I hoped we would sit weren’t available. So I wasn’t able to take bird photos at the feeder – one of the special things about the Kallista Tea rooms and also one of the reasons why I wanted to go there.  I had brought my camera prepared.  However when the MG Car Club people turned up, I was able to content myself instead with some photos of their cars.   If you click on the image below you’ll see more of their cars in the gallery at Flickr.

MG Car

MG Car