Tulip Festival at Silvan

One of my favourite things to go to is the Tulip Festival which is run annually at Silvan from mid September to mid October every year.  There is a cost to entering and if you’re a photo fanatic, like me, you’ll find tons of others doing the same. Last year Tesselaar’s had a photography contest – not sure if they’ve done that in previous years. They have special days such as Dutch weekend and Turkish weekend, wine and jazz weekend, days for kids and days for the elderly. There is entertainment, food, stalls and even rides in a cart at the back of a tractor around the property.  You can find full information at the site here.

The gardens are just an hour’s drive from Melbourne into the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, just beyond Monbulk.  An event definitely worth going to and yes, I’ll be going again!  I love it.


Rows and rows of Tulips

Tesselaar 2012 Tulip Festival

Tesselaar 2012 Tulip Festival

Tesselaar 2012 Tulip Festival

Musical entertainment

Were you in the Puffing Billy Great Train Race this morning?

If you were, I have a number of shots of people passing under the Trestle Bridge as the train was passing over. Here is one to whet your appetite. There is a link below to view a lot more. If you are one in one of these photos feel free to contact me to get a larger copy for yourself.

5th May 2013

The race is on!

The race is on!

You can see more pictures here at Facebook.

Winners Steve Kelly and Sarah Klein show their stuff below:

Steve Kelly shows his stuff

Steve Kelly shows his stuff


Lisa Klein out in front

Sarah Klein out in front


Do you want to participate in The Great Train Race 2014?  I hear that entries for the 33rd Great Train Race will be only available online. As runner numbers will be capped it’s important that your email address is registered for notification. You can do this by clicking here.

Dirty Dozen Bike Ride

Do you enjoy hill climbing and road rides?

Today (February 17th) we noticed a lot of cyclists pass by our house, in dribs and drabs.  Some went sailing by only to return later to go down one of the streets opposite our home. Others took the first street on their left, some the second. I’m sure many must have come past again before discovering they’d taken a wrong turn and should have gone down the second street on their left.

After seeing many stop and consult a piece of paper (presumably a map) and then a car with a cyclist in garb stopping to consult and talk to others, my curiosity got the better of me and I went outside to see what was going on.  My husband is a keen cyclist (mountain biker) so of course, both our interests were piqued.

Anyway, turns out it’s the Dirty Dozen Bike Ride and they have to do twelve hill climbs on each of these rides. Strike that, it’s actually 13 climbs once I read the information. Now, it is a hot day today, so personally I think they’re mad to be doing it in the middle of the day, but it’s now almost 3pm and I haven’t seen any in the past hour, so they must be finished now.

If you’d like to join in their mad fun and learn more, then why not visit their site?  Oh, and if you’re going to venture in Belgrave or Selby again, why not let me know? I’ll look out for you and perhaps even take a pic!

Selby Sunset

If you live in Melbourne, or see Melbourne news. you’ll be aware of the bush fires we’ve been having here and the very dry season. Very grateful for the 5mm of rain that dropped this morning here, and I hope other areas were as fortunate as well.

Last night we had the most amazing sunset, with a very red sun. I’m told it’s because of the smoke haze but smoke isn’t red, so not sure how that works. But I’m no scientist so I’ll accept what I’ve been told, in this instance. Thought I’d share some of the photos I took over the top of a neighbour’s house last night.

Sunset in Selby

Sunset in Selby

Sunset in Selby

Tulip Festival 2012

Tesselaar 2012 Tulip FestivalThe Tesselaar Tulip Festival is held every year from mid September to mid October. This year it’s 13 September to 9 October. I’ve been once already but might go again. Mondays are ‘Mad Mondays’ and almost half price and as I’m only really there for the photography I usually only stay an hour, or two at most, to get shots before there’s a big crowd of people and head back home.  People dress up for it, each day of the week has something special on, as do the weekends, focusing on different cultural groups and their music.  I chose to go on a day that had nice weather and so the sun, blue sky and clouds added to the images that I took. Quite a few.

The Tesselaar Tulip Festival is at 357-359 Monbulk Road, Silvan, easy to get to by car or you can travel by train to Lilydale and then catch a bus to the festival in Silvan.

Below are just a few of the images I took while at the festival. You can see more here.

Tesselaar 2012 Tulip Festival

Tesselaar 2012 Tulip Festival

Tesselaar 2012 Tulip Festival

Tesselaar 2012 Tulip Festival


Tulip Festival

I mentioned recently that the Tulip Festival was soon to open. In fact the dates are 15 September to 12 October.  So if you’re in Melbourne and able to make the trip to Silvan, it would be worth your while to do so.  They have a variety of things happening there and if you check their website you can see what events are taking place and when.  I chose to go when they first opened at 10am today so I could be there before the crowds turned up – which they did an hour later via several buses.

Apart from the Tulips on display, they have other gardens with Ranunculus, Daffodils, Pansies, Azaeleas and a mass of other flowers to look at. Very colourful. There are food stalls with all sorts of foods, some with Dutch leanings. There was a couple singing when I was there, playing the grand piano and a cello but other times I’ve been they’ve had dutch music, bands and all sorts of other people performing.  The staff are in Dutch outfits – not sure how they walk in those clogs all day.

This gives you a slight idea of what I saw today. School holidays are coming up and it will be a great place to take children to play and wander around.

Rows and Rows of Tulips


The childrens garden

Pink Tulips

Yellow Tulips

Spring is in the air!

It may still be August but Spring is definitely showing up around Melbourne.  In the hills east of Melbourne the Tulip Festival is held each Spring by Tesselaars. For those who are gardeners in Australia, the name will be very familiar, as you can purchase all sorts of bulbs and other plants from them all year round.

I first went to the Tulip Festival about 2 years ago with a somewhat pregnant daughter.  I loved it and went back again last year, twice, so I could have some time on my own with my camera in tow.

A friend recently gave my husband and me Tulips in a pot – they were in flower already.  A picture of one of them is below, bathed in early morning sunlight on our front verandah. We have tulips planted but they haven’t flowered yet. The daffodils are out though, as are the jonquils.

Red tulip in sunlight

Misty Morning at Lysterfield Lake Park

If you are a mountain biker, or walker, or perhaps just enjoy beautiful park lands for a picnic, then Lysterfield Lake Park is an ideal place to visit. Lysterfield Lake Park can be accessed from Horswood Road, Lysterfield and is almost 40kms from the City of Melbourne.  I go there to walk, always with camera in hand. It’s winter here in Australia and yesterday morning I got up early to view the mist over the lake that I knew would be there and watch the sunrise.

These are just some of the views I got yesterday.

1. Walkers and rider on the wall

2. The mist is starting to disappear as the sun rises

3. Young kangaroo. There are many in the park.

4. Grey Heron

5. The sun has dissipated most of the mist

In the Dandenongs

The Dandenong Ranges is a great place for visitors to come. Not just from interstate or overseas but other Victorians too. There is so much to offer, especially during the school holidays.

One of the most popular attractions is the Puffing Billy steam train.  A favourite with both kids and adults, it is a great half day or full day event.  You can catch the train from Belgrave to Emerald Lake and stay there for a picnic, or walk around the lake, or stay in the kiosk for a meal.  Or you can travel further to Gembrook and wander the street there, looking at the various stores, before catching the train back to Belgrave.

Belgrave also offers a lot to view. The main street is lined with lots of interesting shops and many, many cafes or all sorts of types of food.

The Puffing Billy on the historic Trestle Bridge

Bridge and paddle boats
Emerald Lake Park

Old Vintage on display
A Vintage car on display in Gembrook


Photography Exhibition  

10 May—5 June

If you enjoy nature photography then the photos of Kathie Thomas will interest you. A winner of Bendigo Bank’s 2011 Calendar Photography Competition, Kathie will share more of her images at:

Kallista Tea Rooms, 103 Monbulk Road, Kallista.


Official opening:
6-9pm 13th May.

All welcome.

Please note: the Tearooms are closed on Wednesdays.