Kallista Market

Markets are a popular thing in Melbourne. You can find the Melbourne & South Melbourne Markets running a few days a week. St Kilda has one running on the esplanade on weekends. And in the hills and country regions you will find regular weekly, monthly and annual markets as well.

I’ve recently been working on a series of Christmas cards that reflect the region in which I live. They’ll soon be available for order and will also be on show for sale at this coming week’s Kallista Market which is in the Dandenong Ranges.

Christmas in Melbourne: Christmas Carols

I was listening to my radio station the other morning and Susie was talking about the history of the Christmas Carol events that are now held worldwide. It all started with a man seeing a lonely woman in a window singing a carol in the light of a candle and he decided to bring people together for the purpose of fellowship and sharing songs. What a lovely way for this tradition to start off.

At Bayside Church our annual carolling event has grown to 3 performances, with one of those being a matinee event on a Saturday afternoon specially for children. There’s always lots of fun, colour, laughter, beautiful song and music. I have been a member of the choir in the past but family events changed my being involved this year, perhaps next year instead.

If you are in Melbourne, then why not click on the link above to find out about the times and place of the Christmas Carols event and come along – I promise you will have a great time. It’s nothing like traditional churches and we have this saying ‘Church has changed, check it out!’

Christmas in Melbourne: Christmas for the lonely

I belong to Bayside Church and each year for around the past 12 years, my church hosts a lunch on Christmas Day for those who are alone or lonely. They continue to seek volunteers to join in on the day and at this stage have around 250 lonely or otherwise people registered for the lunch. They also give gifts to all the children who come and our congregation donates those.

This is a clip they have on their site about the lunch with Deborah Gates, the co-ordinator giving an outline of what takes place.

Brewery Display at Christmas

When I was a kid mum and dad used to take us (my sisters, brother and I) to the Brewery display. I remember being dressed in our pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers and being amongst other families dressed similarly to watch this wonderful display. I found this photo at Adelaide in Photos and tried to email the owner to let him know of my interest but Blogger said it wasn’t found. Gordon, if you see this, I’d love to hear from you.

We brought our family up here in Melbourne and I don’t recall seeing anything like this at all, although there are the lovely Myers window displays, and houses with lights and many stores decorated beautifully. But if anyone knows of places that could be mentioned here (for Melbourne) please do let me know in the comments below. Perhaps when our grandchildren come along we can take them to see the displays available.

I love to decorate our home too although not to the extent of all the external lights. I leave our decorations more inside the house with a peep of what’s inside showing in the loungeroom window for the passersby in the street to see.

Christmas in Melbourne: The Myer Christmas Window

Myers in Melbourne has been providing a great family attraction of stories of all sorts of things in their window every Christmas since around 1956.

Each year is a different theme and families line up waiting to view the windows and see the amazing displays that have been set up. It must take their staff a good twelve months to plan each one. I bet they’re already planning next year’s now that this year’s is on display.

Christmas in Melbourne: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

One of our daughters went out walking and sight-seeing in the evenings over the weekend. The Christmas light displays are starting to come out in full force.

We live not too far from the seaside in Melbourne and there seems to be this competition amongst the various neighbourhoods to put on the best display of lights. They must spend thousands on these displays and my daughter tells me that one guy she was speaking to admitted buying them up all year round at ebay.

There are even sites you can go to, to find out where Melbourne’s best displays are.

Melbourne’s Best Christmas Lights

The BEST Lights in Melbourne

Thought I’d share some of the highlights here with you.

Christmas in Melbourne

If I can keep it up, I thought I would share on Christmas in Melbourne.

Here in Australia we have Summer at this time of year so Christmas in our state of Victoria is commonly hot and it’s not unusual to have close to 40C heat on Christmas day. We are always grateful if it’s under 30C and 25 would be perfect. I’d love to enjoy a hot meal (yes, we still cook meals even in the Summer) and this year our youngest daughter is hosting our family dinner at her place. She’s planning on doing roast pork which will be different to what we’ve done for years.

Now our daughters are growing up and moving out and on with their lives it’s to be expected that we’ll start experiencing different holiday seasons to what we had when the girls were growing up.

I’m oscillating between getting a pine tree this year (love the smell in the house and the girls say it smells like Christmas when they walk in) or just do a few decorations since it will only be Graham, one daughter and myself at home. But time enough to decide.

Christmas shopping almost complete – I did a Christmas Shopping Tour of warehouses last weekend with a couple of daughters and so we don’t have a major lot left to do.