Anzac Day services in Melbourne

My husband and I attended our first Dawn service 2 years ago for Anzac Day.  It was held in Emerald, not far from where we live. We really enjoyed the experience and found it to be quite moving.  So much so that we decided we’d like to go each year.

However, we didn’t go last year because my husband had suffered spinal cord injury from an accident he had the following day after our first Anzac service. It’s taken him awhile to recover.  He’s now well enough for us to go to a service again this year. And that’s when I noticed that although there’s lots of talk and articles about Anzac Day and what it represents, there are very few sites that list services on for tomorrow.  I find this quite astonishing.  Even our local council only had two marches listed, none of the dawn services, and I checked two of our local newspapers online, as I couldn’t see anything in print in this weeks’ paper.

I’d like to remedy this situation and offer this site as a place to list Anzac Day services and marches each year.

To find out what is happening in Melbourne city click here.

If you’re in the Shire of Yarra Ranges, click here.
The Emerald RSL is holding a Dawn Service at 5.45am. It’s not mentioned in this list.

I’m unable to find anything listed for other regions.  I hope that next year I’ll be able to list a lot more events for you.

Anzac Dawn service in Emerald

Wreaths laid at the Anzac Dawn service in Emerald