Moomba Festival 2013

Did you go on the weekend?  I attended on the Monday, viewing some of the water skiing tricks, wandering along the sideshows and watching the Moomba Parade.  What a colourful and joyful event that was. So many people watching. All were peaceful, enjoying the atmosphere and it was lovely to see and experience.

Moomba covered a number of items under the theme “Melbourne is Creative”: Royalty, Circus, Literature, Dance, Music, Art, Film, Media, Theatre and The City and its People. I’ve always loved Melbourne and its diverse cultures and this certainly gave a snapshot of it all.

Moomba Parade

Moomba Parade

Moomba Parade

Moomba parade!

Wacky Librarian

Kings and Queens of Moomba

Moomba sign

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