Dirty Dozen Bike Ride

Do you enjoy hill climbing and road rides?

Today (February 17th) we noticed a lot of cyclists pass by our house, in dribs and drabs.  Some went sailing by only to return later to go down one of the streets opposite our home. Others took the first street on their left, some the second. I’m sure many must have come past again before discovering they’d taken a wrong turn and should have gone down the second street on their left.

After seeing many stop and consult a piece of paper (presumably a map) and then a car with a cyclist in garb stopping to consult and talk to others, my curiosity got the better of me and I went outside to see what was going on.  My husband is a keen cyclist (mountain biker) so of course, both our interests were piqued.

Anyway, turns out it’s the Dirty Dozen Bike Ride and they have to do twelve hill climbs on each of these rides. Strike that, it’s actually 13 climbs once I read the information. Now, it is a hot day today, so personally I think they’re mad to be doing it in the middle of the day, but it’s now almost 3pm and I haven’t seen any in the past hour, so they must be finished now.

If you’d like to join in their mad fun and learn more, then why not visit their site?  Oh, and if you’re going to venture in Belgrave or Selby again, why not let me know? I’ll look out for you and perhaps even take a pic!


  1. Thanks for this! That was indeed our crew today. I was one of the organisers (and publishers of theclimbingcyclist.com). I hope everyone behaved themselves! 🙂

  2. Well, they did around here. We just felt sorry for those who didn’t know where the turnoff was and went sailing past. If I’d realised what the event was I could have gone and taken some shots for you. Will if there are any more in our area in the future.

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