AFL Grand Final today

The whole city is gripped with Australian Football League  (AFL) Grand Final fever it would seem. I cannot confess to being a footy fan myself. I was as a kid in South Australia but since shifting to Melbourne over 20 years ago I really lost the passion for it. My home team wasn’t there and there were so many other things to enjoy in life. But I can’t deny the festivity in the city and the state and what it must mean in the way of tourist $$ for the city of Melbourne with people converging from all over the country to watch their favourite team play. This year it’s the Sydney Swans vs Hawthorn (Sydney – Melbourne teams).

The Grand Final is usually held on the last Saturday in September but occasionally the first Saturday in October. Today’s weather forecast is not looking very good but their stadium will be filled to capacity and beyond. Today people all over our country hold bbqs at home with eyes fixed on the TV screens and people dressed in their colours.

I don’t have any photos I’ve taken personally from a football match to share with you here but it would be most remiss of me not to mention something that brings Melbourne alive year after year (not that it ever goes to sleep).

N.B. Here’s a shot taken near the start of the game today courtesy of the live action site.

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