No dogs allowed in the park!

I really do wonder where people’s brains are these days.  I mean, to bring a dog to a state park where there are wild animals and a conservation area.  Why would they do that? Don’t they know they’re not allowed to do that? After all there are signs on entering the park that says but surely common sense would dictate that you just don’t take dogs into areas where there are wild animals.  They will smell the dog’s presence as will the dog smell theirs.  And to top it off there is bait laid around the park for foxes – what if the dog found one of those?

So, what makes this lady think she can walk her dog at Lysterfield Lake Park this afternoon?  We saw her walk through the conservation area with her friends as well.

She gets the big thumbs down award!

If you know her, please tell her. And if she still doesn’t believe it, how about pointing her to these regulations.  It’s the second major point on the list.

By the way, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen people at the park or the beach at the park with dogs. Granted most of the time they are on leashes, but that still doesn’t make it alright. If a Park Ranger sees you with a dog, you may get a hefty fine for the privilege.


  1. Hi Folks, are there any beaches in Melbourne where dogs are not allowed?
    After swimming at Half Moon Bay where dogs are allowed off the leash with owners who are not willing to control them, dogs weeing on your sandcastle and childrens sand digging items, running through where you are sitting and sticking their noses in your food basket and bringing your dog down to the water to do a poo and creating havoc among young children uncontrolled we will not be going there for a swim again. It is not the dogs fault only the irresponsible owners who think it is their rite to let their dog run aroung on the beach uncontrolled and being a nuisance to other families and when a protest against the dog is projected the owners seem to think that the dog has the major rite to the beach and not the families who frequent there. To the German accented aggresive male who wanted to ‘talk about his dogs rites over people’ today at Black Rock, grow up this is a family beach for people not dogs. Happy New Year to all families who love the beach without nuisance dog owners.

  2. I hadn’t thought about that before John. How annoying that must be. I’ve tried to find out for you. lists some beaches where dogs are allowed so I hope that means the beaches not listed means they’re not allowed. You might have to contact your local council to find out for your area. I do know the area you mean and it is lovely.

    The Bayside area does have restrictions on dogs on beaches in the summer and you probably should get in touch with them to find out which beaches are safe for you and your family.

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