Tulip Festival

I mentioned recently that the Tulip Festival was soon to open. In fact the dates are 15 September to 12 October.  So if you’re in Melbourne and able to make the trip to Silvan, it would be worth your while to do so.  They have a variety of things happening there and if you check their website you can see what events are taking place and when.  I chose to go when they first opened at 10am today so I could be there before the crowds turned up – which they did an hour later via several buses.

Apart from the Tulips on display, they have other gardens with Ranunculus, Daffodils, Pansies, Azaeleas and a mass of other flowers to look at. Very colourful. There are food stalls with all sorts of foods, some with Dutch leanings. There was a couple singing when I was there, playing the grand piano and a cello but other times I’ve been they’ve had dutch music, bands and all sorts of other people performing.  The staff are in Dutch outfits – not sure how they walk in those clogs all day.

This gives you a slight idea of what I saw today. School holidays are coming up and it will be a great place to take children to play and wander around.

Rows and Rows of Tulips


The childrens garden

Pink Tulips

Yellow Tulips


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