Spring is in the air! II

I’m not a footy fan at all but it would be very remiss of me not to mention the footy (Australian Rules) at this time of the year because, after all, the Grand Final is just around the corner.  Beware those who plan weddings and other events when the grand final is on! It’s been known to happen 🙂

Whether or not you follow the footy (and it seems to be a religion here in Melbourne) almost everyone wants to know who the winner is and you can often catch my husband and I watching the last quarter on TV if we’re not out doing something else.  Kind of depends on the weather.

I have no idea who might be playing in the finals, perhaps someone can enlighten me in a comment below. And I know that it is usually the last weekend in September but sometimes the first weekend in October.  Seems 1st October is it this year, one of our daughters has a wedding anniversary that day.

If you’re visiting Melbourne during that time and want to book tickets, you might get lucky by visiting this site.

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