Misty Morning at Lysterfield Lake Park

If you are a mountain biker, or walker, or perhaps just enjoy beautiful park lands for a picnic, then Lysterfield Lake Park is an ideal place to visit. Lysterfield Lake Park can be accessed from Horswood Road, Lysterfield and is almost 40kms from the City of Melbourne.  I go there to walk, always with camera in hand. It’s winter here in Australia and yesterday morning I got up early to view the mist over the lake that I knew would be there and watch the sunrise.

These are just some of the views I got yesterday.

1. Walkers and rider on the wall

2. The mist is starting to disappear as the sun rises

3. Young kangaroo. There are many in the park.

4. Grey Heron

5. The sun has dissipated most of the mist


  1. Love the misty shots Kathie, they’re gorgeous!

  2. Australian Cyclist 01-Mar-2007 .Mountain bikers have been riding Lysterfield Parks fire trails and paths for several years but since the park had several million dollars invested in track development signage and amenities in preparation for the 2006 Commonwealth Games Mountain Biking events its now one of the best places in Melbourne for both recreational and serious mountain bikers. There is a service station here and plenty of places to park on the wide gravel of Lysterfield Road.

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