Tulip Festival in the Dandenongs

With my impending shift to the foot of the Dandenong Ranges I’ve begun looking to see ‘what’s on’ to explore and see – and take my camera to!  I discovered the beautiful Tulip Festival in Silvan, not 5 mins away from my daughter’s home in Monbulk, so I picked her up on Friday morning and we went for an explore.  It didn’t disappoint and I got some great pics.

Whet your appetite?  You can see more here.


  1. Kathie, looking at your blogs is like thumbing through a national magazine! Each one is a work of art. The flowers are breathtaking, as is the picture in your header.

    How far do you live from Melbourne, the city?

  2. Thanks Pam. We currently live 22kms from Melbourne but when we shift it will be 38km.

    The picture in the header I took when at the top of the Crown Towers a couple of years ago. It’s a hotel complex with a casino right on the edge of the city of Melbourne. And it was taken with a much earlier camera than the one I have now.

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