Let a stranger in the house? No thanks AGL!

Just had a guy who said he was from AGL and showed me a badge. He wanted to replace my globes for free energy saving ones – I had heard there is such a promotion. But who’s going to let a stranger in the house to replace their globes for them? I’d have to spend time watching and waiting.  I told him he could leave the globes but he said he’s supposed to take the old ones away with him.  I told him ‘no’, I didn’t want him in my house.

bulgbI sent a message to a forum I run and immediately had others come back with information. One said it was a scam, a couple of others said they’d had men coming to their doors too but they turned them away.  One in another state said her electricity company wrote to them to advise this was going to take place.

I elected to ring AGL and query them whether they had someone coming around the streets of where I live and if not, I would call the police.

I couldn’t believe the response of their call operator.  She said they do have staff coming out to do this and they carry ID badges.  I told her he did flash one but I didn’t see it much and didn’t feel comfortable about letting a stranger in my house – especially since we had not been previously notified. She just said it was my perogative and I didn’t have to have him in. She showed no concern whatsoever about my need for confirmation or safety in the home.

Is this a reflection of the company itself? I hope not.  Given that it’s easy to create fake badges and flash one in front of people that was not sufficient evidence to me.  At least the company could have sent us a letter advising this was going to take place and when.


  1. Just came across your blog and funnily enough we’ve had a guy come around opting to change our globes for free to the energy saver ones. We’ve already changed them, so whether to let him in or not wasn’t really a question. However, my family and I were discussing how silly it was having these blokes go around door knocking. For one, what if some crazy person after seeing these guys door knocking went around doing the same pretending to be from the same company. And two, how safe is it having a total stranger in your house if you live alone? Quite silly if you ask me, a better option would have been to do mail outs and get the customers to request people to come and change theirs.

  2. Hi LadyMelbourne, lovely to have you visit.

    Our concerns were – how do we know they were really who they said they were? What if they were ‘casing the joint’? What’s wrong with AGL organising appointments so we know ahead of time who is coming and when?

  3. Hi Kathie—

    We had this happen earlier in the year-
    Luckily for me, hubby was home at the time so he supervised the whole thing, but eventually, his patience wore-thin, opting to finish the replacement of globes by himself!
    The guy simply passed him the box of bulbs, no questions asked-
    I wonder if these ‘staff’ are actually paid for doing this job???

    Anyway, it’s always better to be safe than sorry & you acted accordingly!


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