Winter in Melbourne

And it’s been a winter in my life too which is why I’ve not been here a real lot. But spring is on its way and with it renewed vigour for lots of things, including writing here.

If you haven’t already, you might like to visit my photoblog which is posted to daily and shows photos of different things here in Victoria and around Melbourne.  I did spend June overseas so my photoblog has many pics from there too.

In the meantime, this is a wattle tree out in full bloom at Lysterfield Lake Park, which is south east of Melbourne. Beautiful place to visit.



  1. Dear Kathie,

    I wish you all the joys and color of spring. That season does bring about a sense of renewal and awe at the beautiful bounty of nature which you capture so well through your photography. Here’ to many happy photos in your future!

  2. Enjoy very much the pictures of Melbourne. Australia is definitely on my bucket lists of places to visit!

    Debbie Barth

  3. Winter in Melbourne—what does that mean? Do you get snow? How cold does it get? I guess when I think of winter I think of freezing cold temperatures and snow on the ground. As far as the winter in your personal life, I can definitely relate to that.

  4. Winter Beverly in Melbourne means rain, wind, cold temperatures. It’s been very windy this year – I don’t remember it being as bad other years but may have. Out in the mountains we have snow but not in the city or suburbs which are close to the beach.

  5. Kathie,

    In looking at the other pictures on this blog and this, the woodlands and colors of fall look much like here. What season is it there now? I think we are opposite you? Our summer ending, your winter ending? I forget:-)


  6. Our seasons are opposite to yours Claudia so winter is drawing to an end and Spring is on its way.

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