Karkarook Park

I’ve driven past this park many times over years as I’ve gone about my business or visited my family but it never occurred to me to visit it till this past week.

I knew it was reclaimed land that had been turned into a wetland reserve and this occurred sometime after 1994 when we’d shifted into this area.  But this week as I dropped into a business across the road from it I decided this would be my next planned photography shoot and I’m so glad I did.

Here are two links that tell you more about it:

Parks Victoria

Fisher & Fisher

For the first time in my life I saw a Flame Robin and that was thanks to a couple who regularly walk their dogs there. They’d seen me taking pictures of the birds and they pointed me towards a path they’d walked on where they had seen the robin. So when I went looking it was very obvious as the bright colour showed up easily amongst all the greens and browns.






  1. Kathie,

    Now that I have a video camera I find myself taking it just about everywhere in case I see something interesting. Just yesterday, I came upon a bad accident where there was a fatality. I got out and shot the video. Technology in any form can be addicting and rewarding as you keep doing it.

  2. Oh, Kathie–
    This place looks lovely and a real bonanza for bird watchers. Your photos, as always, are amazing!
    Thanks so much for sharing these with your Yank friends and giving us a glimpse of the real beauty of your native land.

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