Teaching people to be dishonest

There’s a fast food advertisement being played on TV at the moment where a young man buys two meals at a really cheap price and then when he sets the meals down in front of his mate his mate tells him he only has $5.00. The first young man responds ‘that will have to do’ and pockets the money.

This advert is very poor – it’s teaching young people (and those others easily led astray) that it is ok to be dishonest and rip off people, including your mate.

I consider this to be very poor advertising and in bad taste – pardon the pun!


  1. Kathie,

    If you think Australia is bad when it comes to commercials, you need to see what’s happening in the U.S. It’s awful and it’s all about selling SEX. There’s a Burger King commercial running talking about “big butts” which have nothing to do with BK–unless they’re pointing out the fact that if you eat too many you’ll end up with a BIG BUTT!

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