Ahhh! The sweet smell of rain!

If you live outside of Australia I bet you still know about the bushfire challenges the state of Victoria has been having.  Today they were forecasting really strong winds and there was a high bushfire alert for the whole state – that ends at midnight tonight.

So far, the firemen have kept things under control as they’ve worked hard during the past week backburning and setting up other strategies to protect towns around our state.  But today everyone was on tenterhooks waiting to see what might occur.

noserainThe cool change is just sweeping through the state now, it hasn’t quite hit where I am in the south east but we know it’s on its way and ahead of it is rain – wonderful sweet-smelling rain. I hadn’t realised how much I missed that smell!  It’s not heavy but hopefully it will keep up regularly, even if it’s soft rain. They’re forecasting showers for the next week – nothing heavy unfortunately but it might finally help get the fires put out which have been going for weeks now.

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