The faces of Melbourne

I went into the city Friday afternoon and just randomly shot photos around our lovely city.  I wanted to share them with you here.

Above from the top row:L-R:

A man and his dog.  You often see people sitting around the city.

Two horses posing for their photo.  We have many horse drawn carriages for visitors to our city.

Another pair getting ready to turn at an intersection

Row Two: L – R

As with any major city we are a multi-cultural place now and sometimes you could wonder where you are exactly.

Our famous Flinders Street Station taken from my car whilst waiting at the lights.

A couple more horses with a carriage.

Third row: L-R

Banners for the forthcoming Moomba Fest which starts 6th March. I’ll be there to take more pics too!

A street artist in profile.

One of our many street cafes which are very popular these days.

Fourth row: L-R

There’s those two horses again – I wonder what the one on the right is saying to the other one?

The Red Circle Tram gives free rides around the circumference of the CBD area.

Peering in the Telstra Exhibition Street buildings – this pair stand there on permanent display.

All images are available at much higher resolution on request.


  1. These are great Kathie, you never cease to amaze me mate, very talented in all you do. Watched a programme on the old trams which used to run rom Sydney, down to the south coast….thinking someday o visting their museum!

    God bless 🙂

  2. When I saw the cable car, it reminded me of San Francisco but they don’t offer FREE rides :).

    Is Melbourne known for being a tourist city?

  3. muchmelb says:

    Hi Beverly, yes, Melbourne is definitely a tourist city. We host events such as the Australian Open (Tennis, in January), Moomba Fest (beginning of March), the Grand Prix (near end of March), Aussie Rules Football is big, and then there’s the Spring Racing Carnival that kicks off in September and builds up to the Melbourne Cup Race in November. There are other events too. We also host many big conferences and all sorts of other events here in Melbourne.

    We’ve had the Olympics and Commonwealth Games here in the past and Road Cycling and Mountain Biking is big too.

    I love how there is always something to do, something to see, somewhere to go in our city.

  4. muchmelb says:

    Glad you like them Debbie. I’m talented in what I choose to do 🙂 and leave what I can’t do to others! 😉

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