Staying in your own city

When you live in a city, how often do you actually stay in it? Graham and I have periodically won a night for two, or been given a gift by family for a stay in the city, and I love doing this – staying in the city and enjoying it, instead of rushing in and out of it as I do in my normal workday activities.

We recently celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary and we had, over the past 12 months, won a night for two at apartments in the city and also been given a night for two at Crown Towers. So we decided to put the two together for one weekend and celebrate our anniversary.

I caught the train into the city on the Friday afternoon, checked into our first night’s accommodation at Quest Apartments and then walked up to the buildings where Graham worked. The apartments were self-contained units and no food so I went to the supermarket to buy up some items for breakfast and nibbles and then we dropped this stuff of to the apartment and went out to dinner at a restaurant.

We enjoyed just wandering around the city and I took a few snaps of some of the regular sites you would see if you were wandering around Melbourne in the evening. Like these horse drawn tourist carriages.

The following night we booked into Crown Towers and were surprised by an unexpected upgrade to a suite which was 1/4 floor several floors up. Seemed such a waste for 2 people for 1 night – wish we’d known in advance and we could have had family come visit, or some friends in for dinner. Instead we actually had a word Christmas dinner to go to but when we showed a movie on my camera of our apartment, they all asked us why we were there with them instead! Anyway, here’s a glimpse to the luxurious suite we enjoyed and the fantastic views from the windows. Pretty nice, hey?

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