Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo is well worth a visit. You’ve been to lots of zoos? If you haven’t been to the Melbourne Zoo I encourage you to take a full day out to explore the beauty of this place.

Can you spot the fake? The Melbourne Zoo has dotted around the zoo sculptures (or perhaps they’re real, stuffed and glazed – who knows?) of reptiles and animals in their natural habitats. It was a little disconcerting to come across a snake within striking reach until I realised it wasn’t real. Others were equally fooled and all around the zoo I would hear people say ‘is that real or is it fake?’ if the animal, bird or reptile wasn’t moving. In fact we watched a Brolga settle into its nest to rest and then a mother and son arrived shortly thereafter and she was telling her son it wasn’t real – until we informed her otherwise. It really wasn’t that easy to tell. Can you spot the fake(s) below?


Blue tongue lizard

Red bellied snake

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